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5 Things Every Trader Needs to Know About Trend Forecasting

By | 2017-08-14T10:42:07+00:00 April 7th, 2015|Trading Strategy|

Trend followers in fashion can be fickle and flighty. It is tough to predict the whims of the fashionistas as to what the “hot colors” or who the “in designers” will be for next spring. And while it is also [...]

Trend Forecasting to Predict the Next Bubble Burst

By | 2017-08-14T10:40:24+00:00 April 2nd, 2015|Trading Strategy|

The Dotcom bubble in the 1990s, the housing bubble and credit crisis in 2007-2009. Every trader wishes they could have known exactly when these bubbles were going to burst. Going forward, what trading tools can help predict the next speculative [...]