VantagePoint : Two Patent Applications Filed for Intermarket Analysis and Calculating Predictive Technical Indicators

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Two Patent Applications Filed with the U.S. Patent Office

Wesley Chapel, FL, March 30, 2010 – Louis Mendelsohn, founder and CEO of Market Technologies, LLC announced today that he has filed two patent applications with the U.S. Patent Office covering his invention of two related technological software processes. These two patent applications combine intermarket analysis with neural networks to create a suite of leading technical indicators that can forecast future prices and trend directions of global financial markets. The technologies behind these two patent applications, known as XpecTrendTM, represents the culmination of Mr. Mendelsohn’s more than 30 years of research and development in the field of computerized technical analysis of the financial markets. Mr. Mendelsohn, a widely-respected pioneer in technical analysis trading software development, was the first person in the financial industry to develop commercially available trading software to perform strategy back testing, when he introduced ProfitTaker Futures Trading Software in 1983. In the mid-1980s he again broke new ground in technical analysis with the introduction of the first commercially available trading software to perform intermarket analysis. Then, in 1991 he introduced VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software, which uses neural networks to find hidden patterns and relationships in intermarket data. The XpecTrendTM technologies forms the underlying basis upon which Market Technologies’ flagship product, VantagePoint, is able to produce short term forecasts of global financial markets with up to 87.4% predictive accuracy. Mr. Mendelsohn and Market Technologies have spent millions of dollars since the 1980s on research and development to improve the predictive accuracy of VantagePoint’s proprietary leading indicators. Computing has changed since Mr. Mendelsohn first began applying neural networks and pattern recognition to global intermarket data back in the late 1980s. Initially, the labor- intensive process of trial and error formed the basis of his research and application of neural networks, a form of artificial intelligence, to intermarket data.

Today, however, Mendelsohn and his research team, The Predictive Technologies Group, utilize XpecTrend’sTM advanced heuristic software technologies to develop and train neural networks on vast quantities of intermarket data covering hundreds of global markets with little human intervention. The XpecTrendTM technologies not only replace time-consuming trial and error research, but have been instrumental in improving the accuracy of VantagePoint’s proprietary leading indicators, including its Predicted Neural Index, which forecasts an up or down market trend direction two days into the future with up to 87.4% proven forecasting accuracy.

Mendelsohn’s decades of involvement in the financial markets as a trader and technical analysis trading software developer and millions of dollars in R&D have culminated in these two patent applications with the U.S. Patent Office. VantagePoint is the only trading software in the world that uses the XpecTrendTM technologies to forecast hundreds of futures, forex, ETFs and stock markets globally.

About Market Technologies () Headquartered in Tampa Bay since its founding in 1979 by Louis B. Mendelsohn, Market Technologies is a fast-growing, Inc. 500 company and recognized world leader in market forecasting with trading software customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. Market Technologies researches and develops proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize artificial intelligence applied to intermarket and hurricaneomic analysis to forecast various commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These presently include, but are not limited to, stocks, stock indexes, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs and Forex, covering more than 600 world markets.